One of the largest business group in India is focused to capitalize on the emerging opportunities in the Indian power generation and distribution sector. The company has been established to carry on the business of generation, accumulation, distribution and supply of power and to generally deal in electricity. They want to implement digital experience platform to enhance overall digital experience journey of all the stakeholders. They are aiming towards providing the best uniform digital experience platform across all the departments.

Early Phase

Their first attempt towards this direction lead them to a reputed implementation partner which has strong Sitecore experience. Their first implementation partner has already spent time in understanding and starting the project but due to some reasons s they couldn’t execute as per their plans.

Their partner company has started finding Sitecore implementation service provider. They addressed all these execution issues and challenges to Addact and that point we joined hands with them to provide them Sitecore implementation services.



Client’s Major Expectations

The Client is already having their own IT department and people with tech-savvy mindset, they were already using enterprise CMS systems developed using Java, so they know what they exactly want by implementing Sitecore as a digital experience platform for their multiple stakeholders.

  • Their primary requirement is to migrate from Java based CMS to Sitecore
  • Sitecore CMS should be tightly integrated with their internal systems which are on SAP
  • User Profiling and User Management through Sitecore
  • User Account and Meter Number information storage and integration
  • Migration of their existing users in Sitecore
  • End-users should be able to pay bills online
  • Configure various payment gateways like BillDesk, EBix, PayUMoney, ICICI, PayTM from Sitecore
  • Tender Management Module in Sitecore for End-Users and Tender Admins
  • Implementing Sitecore Email Campaign Module


Major Challenges

The client was running on a very tight deadline since a substantial amount of time had already been spent in the project. This situation posed some really big challenges such as:

  • The communication matrix was so big and complex which brought lot of confusions in early stage of project
  • The tight schedule left us with a demanding timeline to achieve development with the best quality
  • Due to tight deadlines – their go-live approach is shortened by omitting layers of implementation
  • User Account and Meter Number information storage and integration
  • Client was not having experience in development approach in Sitecore as they are using Java based CMS, so to this change of technology, development, approach and adaptability is major challenge during implementation also post implementation.
  • Migration of their existing around 0.5 million users
  • Infrastructure provided to maintain Sitecore Instance for such a big implementation was not enough

We came to know that this was the largest implementation of Sitecore by such a big corporate. We took the challenge and we knew that with our expertise we can overcome all the hurdles whether it is from technical front or managerial front.



Our Development Approach

After complete all the legal formalities regarding project, the team at Addact conducted an detailed communication with partner company about execution plan and timeline. We did complete study of what client needs keeping all the challenges in mind. We prepared complete implementation plan with details which comprised of robust features and some industry specific out-of-the-box solutions. We proposed the following technology stack and modules that covered all the business needs and had the potential to offer the best digital experience to the client’s target audience.

Sitecore EXM

  • Addact did an in depth analysis of their requirement of Email Campaign Module at various instances of interactions
  • SMTP Server Configuration – as they have their own dedicated server which is centrally sending mails to mass users
  • Development of Configuring Dynamic Email Template using Sitecore Form
  • Email Campaign Templates in Sitecore for various intents
  • Developed custom pipeline to send Dynamic Email Template
  • Tracking and Analytics Reports for this Module

User Module

  • Features of User Profiling, Account Management, Meter Information, Bill Payment.
  • Executing task to migrate around 0.5 users from their existing system.
  • User Profiling consists for facilities like Registration of User, Forgot Password, Change Password, Update Profile
  • Associate User with their Account Profiles which has facilities like Register Multiple Account, De-register Account, Merge Account, Switch Account.
  • Account Profile is associated with their Electricity Meter based on that facilities like Billing Information, Payment History, Download Bill, Outstanding, Next Meter Reading Date.
  • News, Events, Announcements, Offers etc. can now be published within a few clicks and can be intelligently drafted without much supervision from the user.
  • Online Payment feature through various Payment Gateways BillDesk, EBix, PayUMoney, ICICI, PayTM by various channels of payment like Bill Pay, VDS, Security Deposite.

Tender Management Module

  • Tender Admin which has facilities to Create, Update, Status Change, Delete, Download or Upload Documents
  • Tender Admin can create and manage other user i.e. Envelope Admin level access at Tender Level or Group Level based on their approval cycle
  • Envelop Admin can view the documents associated with Tender assigned
  • Tender Listing with Open, Corrigendum and Closed Tender Categories
  • End-user can register and view the tenders
  • User can upload and download Tender Documents


  • Sitecore Experience Manager 9.0.2
  • Helix structure
  • Continuous Integration with Azure DevOps
  • Sitecore Forms
  • Multilingual and Multi-site Structure
  • Unicorn
  • Helix structure
  • Azure Cloud Search
  • Google Captcha Module

Support & Training

As far as support is concern – there are major activities we have been performing

  • Post Migration End-User level support by resolving their day-to-day queries and training them about the change in the systems
  • Scaling of Sitecore solutions wherein this kind of large solution can work smoothly in any situation
  • Training of all the newly developed customized modules from Sitecore
  • Setup different environments and its continuous integration in Azure DevOps

Post Implementation

To make sure that the client had a hassle free experience post implementation stage, we prepared and shared all the necessary tutorials for reference and training purpose which was again followed by multiple Sitecore Certified Technical training sessions as and when the client requested. We continued to offer our constant technical support through Emails and over the phone to troubleshoot any problem even after implementation is executed.


Major Outcome of this Successful Implementation

Since the Client is major business house – the project is very important and has lot of eyes at corporate standpoint. While interacting with the client we realize importance of our work and how our efforts has added values to their business.

  • Largest implementation of Sitecore till date in India.
  • Go-live was done as per the timeline.
  • Sitecore is not only used as only Customer Experience Platform but it has various features in integration with their existing systems.

Key Highlights

Industry: Automobile

Location: Singapore

CMS Application Supported: Sitecore Experience Manager -System implementation for an enhanced digital experience experience

Major Development Activities:

  • Provide User Management and Profiling – End user can view and pay their bills
  • Module development for Payment Gateway Integration
  • Migration of their existing 0.5 million Users
  • Modules development for Tenders Management
  • Integration with their current SAP systems

Major Outcomes:

  • Largest implementation of Sitecore till date in India
  • Go-live was done as per the timeline
  • Sitecore is not only used as only Customer Experience Platform but it has various features in integration with their existing systems

Technologies in Use:

  • Sitecore Experience Manager 9.0.2
  • Helix structure
  • QA Automation
  • Sitecore Forms
  • Multilingual and Multi-site Structure
  • Unicorn
  • Continuous Integration with Azure DevOps
  • Azure Cloud Search
  • Google Captcha Module

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