The Singapore subsidiary of a 75 year old Asian automotive manufacturing company were urgently looking to migrate their existing website to a more robust and user friendly website platform. Eminent in the industry for providing exemplary customer satisfaction and renowned for their adherence to world class standards, they were now aiming to provide an exceptional digital experience to their customers with Sitecore implementation.

Starting Phase

Their first attempt towards this direction lead them to a reputed digital agency. Unfortunately, the partnership ran into various problems on execution front and the project had to be shelved midway.

The Quest didn’t stop there…

With the time clock ticking and resolute towards not compromising on the customer experience their quest for a technology partner was in full swing when they started giving us complex challenges which we have implemented by our expertise.



Understanding the Business Need

The Client had very well-defined goals on what they want to achieve by implementing Sitecore as a digital experience platform for their audience.

  • First and foremost they wanted to run multiple websites through a single Sitecore instance
  • Their marketing goals required a email heavy campaign support to be part of the platform’s environment.
  • Personalization & A/B testing capabilities were pertinent to meet their customer needs more effectively.
  • The client’s primary focus was lead generation using various Omnichannels and capture opportunities by bridging the gap between online and offline campaigns.
  • Auto-publish News, Banners and Offers based on the scheduled date & time.


Here Are the Set of Challenges

The client was running on a very tight deadline since a substantial amount of time had already been spent by the previous agency. This situation posed some really big challenges such as:

  • The tight schedule left us with a demanding timeline to achieve REST development.
  • The time crunch resulted in a cursory requirement document, inadequate in delivering the much required clarity in terms of needs and expectations.
  • All this and an absence of a formal knowledge transfer had a percolating effect in defining a concrete scope of work.

We took the decision to initiate the project with the available information in spite of all the above challenges, fully aware and with a readiness to face any alterations in strategy during the course of execution of the project.



Offering the Optimal Solution

After acquiring all the information available on hand, the team at Addact conducted an in-depth analysis of Sitecore CMS and the client requirements. The team zeroed down on a technological assortment which comprised of robust features and some industry specific out-of-the-box solutions. We proposed the following technology stack that covered all the business needs and had the potential to offer the best digital experience to the client’s target audience.


  • Addact did an in depth analysis and conceptualized a very engaging and captivating webpage for their Car Accessories section.
  • We also customized their Check Out page wherein we integrated additional payment features like points and currencies, which was not supported by the old website.
  • Additionally, we also integrated the payment module of DataCash (a well known MasterCard company) as part of the Check Out process.
  • Special attention was given to the Order Fulfillment Pipeline process and website’s Cart Page.
  • We left no disparity when it came to following standard user interface and user experience guidelines during the optimization of individual pages.

Creative Offerings

  • To remove the complexity of using multiple sign-ins we offered them a hassle free single point sign-in option which was based on verification and domain authentication logic.
  • We also integrated a wide array of custom made features to give their WFFM form a fresh and user friendly look and feel.
  • The website was now primed with a robust workflow by making it independent of Sitecore’s default log-in pathway.
  • We ensured that the the site specific auto approval process was in place for every email they wished to send out.
  • The whole process of scheduling the updates (for a pre-determined date and time in future) was automated so that the user is not constantly worried about missing out on it.
  • News, Events, Announcements, Offers etc. can now be published within a few clicks and can be intelligently drafted without much supervision from the user.


  • Sitecore Experience Manager 8.2
  • Fortis
  • Continuous Integration
  • Solr Search
  • Unicorn
  • Sitecore Commerce
  • Helix structure
  • QA Automation
  • WFFM + Eloqua



One of the biggest impacts witnessed by the client wasthat the average time spent by the customers on the website shot up by 11% within a short time span of four months. This also resulted in an increase in customer interactions using the WFFM forms by 1.25% times on their website. The client was also able to leverage the new website to attract a sizeable chunk of offline customers than before because now their website boasted of a more effective and efficient event marketing process than ever.


Key Highlights

Industry: Automobile

Location: Singapore

CMS Application Supported: Sitecore Experience Manager, Sitecore Commerce – System implementation for an enhanced digital experience experience


  • 11% increase in Average Customer time span on website
  • 1.25 times increase in customer engagement using forms
  • Smoother Event Marketing to attract more customers offline

Technologies in Use:

  • Sitecore Experience Manager 8.2
  • Fortis
  • Continuous Integration
  • Solr Search
  • Unicorn
  • Sitecore Commerce
  • Helix structure
  • QA Automation
  • WFFM + Eloqua

11 %


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