Why Brands Require a Digital Experience Platform DXP

The digital experience platform optimize data and checks for the user interests in a web platform. The DXP can be said to be the modern forefront to optimized data. It is full suit of tools powering the delivery of personalized experiences that scale and connect – across channels, geographies and languages.

Topics covered in webinar:

  1. What Is Digital Experience Model?
  2. Web Experience Management
  3. Benefits Of Dxp
  4. Evolution Of Digital Customer Experience Software
  5. Features And Capabilities Of Dxp’s
  6. Role Of Content In Modern Business Marketing
  7. Statistics Of Digital Experience Model
  8. Which Industries Are The Most Digital Expertise Platform And Why?

Sitecore multisite personalization strategy – Planning and implementation

One of the most discussed topics currently in the digital world is that for enterprises that have a global presence, the post pandemic world and customer buying patterns will change dramatically. Thus, for those enterprises who wish to grow in such challenging times, it will be essential that they have digital platforms that allow them to collect maximum data and based on that, deliver personalized user experiences!, with one common website for all will be impossible when there are such unpredictable conditions and maintaining multiple domains will be too expensive and challenging. So, the best way to deliver personalized user experiences and to cope with the varying conditions of the market, customers and the government, it is essential that you establish a multisite personalization program.

Sitecore Docker – An introduction

Sitecore announced limited support for running their products inside of containers but now they are planning on increasing support for running their products in containers. Here in this video we have tried to explain about how to create container and provide a detailed walk through with some problem solving scenarios of using the Sitecore Docker Images Repository provided by Sitecore.

Docker: A quick overview by sitecore

How to solve your content crisis

The key to solve the problem of Content Crisis is to work smarter, not harder! You need a plan and a platform that will help you to deliver the volume and quality of content to your audience demands. And that platform is Sitecore’s prodigy solution – Sitecore Content Hub.

User Experience guidelines to design for the Sitecore Customer Experience platform

Now a days business is digital entity you have to cover all channels. Sitecore is the leader for digital platform it provides you all the freedom to server better personalized experience to each customer. This is very important to understand UX/UI role in to digital world. Always start strategy with UX/UI planning. It should be centric and choose wisely. Here in this webinar we have tried our best to explain about it.

Sitecore also takes care of all your channels with social media to all kind of devices. When you implement Sitecore it involves user experience designers, digital experience strategists, developers, content creators, solution architects, marketers and product owners.

How to take leverage of Sitecore Personalization – Addact Technologies

Personalization is the process of creating customized experiences for visitors to a website, rather than providing a single broad experience.

Personalization allows companies to present visitors with unique experiences, tailored to their needs and desires

There are 5 Ways to take a leverage of sitecore personalization:

  1. Show your customers that you understand their needs.
  2. Give your customers a reason to trust you.
  3. Don’t waste your customers’ time.
  4. Recommend the next best action.
  5. Add value at each stage of the customer journey.