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What is Hyper-personalization? how sitecore Hyper-personalization help you in your business

June 07, 2022
What is Hyper-personalization? how sitecore Hyper-personalization help you in your business
Maulik Dudharejia
Maulik Dudharejia
Digital Transformation Strategist

We are living in a world where digital experiences with personalization are important for the customers. Today, marketing is more customer-centric and focused on the preferences and choices of the users rather than about showcasing the product offerings. Personalization is the need of the hour and even more needed is Hyper-personalization.

So, let us first see what is Hyper-personalization?

What is Hyper-personalization?

Hyper-personalization is the next step of personalization that you have in your minds. It leverages AI, real-time data in order to push relevant marketing strategies to each and every user through the infinite buyer touch points.

It is a part of branding, marketing and selling. The concept is all about personalizing the consumer buying process before, during and after the buying experience. It customizes the output according to each individual consumer based on their preferences and likes.

What is unique about hyper-personalization marketing?

Hyper-personalization marketing is very different from traditional personalization. Personalization marketing is targeting a customer with personalized offer based on what we are marketing or selling them. For example, packaging with the customer’s name on it, emails with the customer’s first name in the salutation, etc.

Whereas when it comes to Hyper-personalization, you are not only using the customer’s names and making them feel special, you are providing them with push notifications, ads, personalized website view when they visit your website, content, offers, discounts, A-To-Z everything specifically designed for them.

For example, when a customer is searching for sneakers of brand A and then they are leaving the website or the app mid search rather than going looking for products, your CDP (Customer Data Platform) will quickly analyze this data. You will find out what kind of product, price range, and brands this particular customer is looking for.

Once you get all this structured information through the analysis, you can use it to send out personalized content, offers, ads. The customer was looking for sneakers in the price range of 5k bucks so he will receive push notifications about sale on sneakers in the range of 5k. He will also get ads on other social media platforms and webpages he surfs, with different types of offers.

This is what is hyper-personalization. It is not just about adding the customer’s name to the product or the email but it is about sending them offers, deals and content based on what they have searched for, bought before or scrolled through during their screen time.

Why is hyper-personalization needed?

Customers have an attention span of 8 seconds. You have to work harder in this cut-throat competition to get noticed by the customers. They are already surrounded by the digital noise and an excess of content being pushed and thrown at them from all directions. The information overload is already making all the customers tune out and lose interest in ads. Customers are more likely to pay attention when it is not just eye-catchy and unique but also when it caters to their taste and is extremely personalized.

When you customize each and every customer’s experience with you, it makes them feel included and cared for. It gives them a sense of exclusivity and they feel that they are essential (which in the end all customers are.) It is not enough to have their names on the subject lines or the product packaging. For a very successful marketing campaign and your strategy to work out, it becomes vital to use the customer data and find out what they require. It helps in increasing the ROI.

Integrating AI and hyper-personalization into your marketing campaigns is definitely something that is going to help your business stand out and bring in sales, increase revenues and profits and also create a customer base that is loyal just towards your brand.

What is the future of marketing with hyper-personalization?

Hyper-personalization is the future of marketing. This was already an existing concept in its early stages known as personalization which is now being taken to the next level in the form of hyper-personalization marketing.

Hyper-personalization will help you target your audience better. It allows your customers to get the experience that they want rather than a generic one. The recommendation engine will provide your customers with suggestions that are based on what they want, which will also in return help you in increasing your ROI.

Also, nowadays, it is easier to collect data than it used to be before. Everything related to hyper-personalization is after all because of customer data. You may also do trend analysis and learn customer behavior, their preferences, likes, dislikes, etc.

Using Sitecore CDP, hyper-personalization is possible for your marketing strategies. Sitecore CDP uses the power of Unification, Identification, Audience Segmentation, Analysis and Activation. Because of these unique and brilliant features, your marketing efforts will become more effective and impactful. Sitecore CPD allows you to push personalized content in order to achieve hyper-engagement as well.

This will in turn increase your customer loyalty as well as trust and increase your brand value. This is why you need Sitecore CDP when it comes to hyper-personalization.

Elevate your business through the power of hyper-personalization marketing.