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Top 10 must-have Features for your Website Search

November 06, 2023
Top 10 must-have Features for your Website Search
Maulik Dudharejia
Maulik Dudharejia
Digital Transformation Strategist

While the world is still debating about the advantages, disadvantages, and the implications and impact of machine-generated content, one thing has become abundantly clear. You need to keep the customer on your website.

This is why onsite search is one of the most important aspects to be focused on. It is often overlooked as a nice, throwaway feature. In this year, the year 2023, one of the biggest advantages for your brand is your website’s own search capabilities.

Through this blog, we will understand the features that your website search absolutely must have. These features will be a game-changer for your business.

What can a superior on-site search experience do?

  1. Differentiate and make your business stand out from competitor brands

  2. Improve the customer experience and journey significantly

  3. Increase the conversions for your brand

  4. Brings you better insights into customer behavior

  5. Boost your revenue through personalized recommendations

  6. Reduce the cost of customer service

  7. Search results will be driven organically

  8. Build up the brand loyalty as you go

There is no data shortage when it comes to proving the value of the search capability of a site that is highly functional. Search users usually have a higher add-to-cart rate than those users who are not using the search function.

The challenge is to find a search and discovery solution that is intelligent, smart, and provides you with the maximum benefit, this too with minimal disruption. For this, you need to continuously optimize and refine the search results appearing for users on your website.

So, what should you do? Here are the top 10 features!

10 must-have features for your website search
  1. Connect the right content at the right time

    The way is to connect the right content with the right people at the right time. You have to make sure that the visitors have no reason to leave your site. For this, you need an intelligent, AI-driven search and content discovery solution.

  2. Assist the visitors with previews and suggestions

    When it comes to the search function, speed is of the essence. You need to look for solutions that quickly deliver predictive search results. Your site must suggest relevant keywords as the users are typing, in real-time within milliseconds.

  3. Create a unique and unparalleled visitor experience

    You need to give your users a way to narrow down their search results for them to be able to quickly navigate towards their desired content. The more control you give them over their search, the more likely they are to find what they came looking for and also come back whenever they need to quickly look for something.

    You need to offer them a seamless experience with a search functionality that is effortless, a smart filtering element and anticipative suggestions.

  4. Deliver intent-based results

    You know your website better than anyone else. You want options for personalization that are easy and based on the visitor's behavior. You want to present content that is tailored to the needs of the users.

    When you help your website visitors find information, goods, or services that they are looking for in the first place, that too from multiple data sources without it being bound by the mechanics of keywords, you are giving them a better experience that most sites.

  5. Support multiple languages

    When you have an onsite search functionality that is language-agnostic, and supports multiple languages, it will expand your search to your customers around the world. You must integrate multiple languages into your search for streamlined management as well as relevance globally.

  6. Provide instant content recommendations

    You have to deliver the correct recommendations and promotions at the perfect time to boost revenue and improve the customer experience. When you personalize your visitor’s journey with instant searches, it will activate a range of tailored content and tailored pages in real time.

  7. Leverage the power of synonyms

    There are chances that your visitors are not going to type in the exact keywords and phrases used on your website. There can even be spelling errors. You can enhance the search precision by linking terms that are related for delivering better results.

  8. Define search rules

    You must have autonomy over search rules and not rely on IT for programming support. If you want to drive results, find how you can sharpen the internal search accuracy and identify the intent of the visitors through customizable rules. This way you can test and refine.

    Also, one of the tools offered by Sitecore for this is Sitecore Discover which helps you predict real-time user intent and helps you customize and provide relevant search results.

  9. Access content insights and metrics

    You can have easy-to-use dashboards to help your marketing teams make better decisions. Go beyond URLs and clicks to measure the engagement.

  10. Never stop optimizing

    Onsite search will help you understand which content is being used, which content is useful and impactful. This will also help you understand what needs to be improved. You need a solution that helps you make multivariate tests and leverage variations for identifying the most effective content for each and every audience segment.

How does Sitecore Search help here?

Sitecore Search makes it possible for you to quickly deliver precise search results, take control over the content as well as the needs of your customers, and help you drive better outcomes for your business. Sitecore Search comes with a range of perks providing you with quick results and quick ROI.

Simply explained, Sitecore Search is a powerful tool to help you elevate your search functionality and help you quickly build hyper-relevant searchable experiences.


When it comes to having digital presence, it is essential today more than ever, especially in the year 2023 that you have an excellent search functionality for your website. Onsite search functionality defines the experience of customers who have something specific to buy and this needs to be one of their memorable purchase experiences.

Using Sitecore, you can follow these given 10 must-have features that you can add to your website’s search functionality and make the experiences of your customers better!