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How can marketers win back customers through Sitecore?

September 19, 2022
How can marketers win back customers through Sitecore?
Maulik Dudharejia
Maulik Dudharejia
Digital Transformation Strategist

Customers are more aware and conscious of the purchasing experiences and the overall digital experiences that the brands are providing them. This is why most global brands are in a dilemma. Today’s generation of customers are expecting extraordinary digital experiences.

Quality customer experiences are a must. The average attention span of a customer is 8 seconds. They are quick to switch, quick to forget and quick to move to another brand if you are not providing them with something that interests them.

This is why it is becoming more and more challenging to deal with retaining and keeping customers. It is even harder to bring back the customers who have chosen to leave. The customer’s spending is on a major decline and building long-lasting connections with the customers is the key to bringing back those lost customers.

So how can brands align with the demands of the shoppers? How to increase customer loyalty and win back the gone customers? The answer is Sitecore. Sitecore has come up with the Sitecore CDP a way to increase customer loyalty and retain customers as well as bring back gone customers.

Let us see what brands need to do actually in order to bring back the customers.


One of the biggest focuses for marketers in recent years has been personalization and it continues to be one of the biggest focuses still. With Sitecore, personalization is more aligned with the interests and goals of the customers and thus they are able to help you in delivering a rich experience.

Personalization did exist before though but before it was very generalized. Traditional personalization was targeting groups of users, segments and categories and then sending a generalized content for each segment to the entire user group in that segment.

Now is the time for hyper-personalization which is also an offering of Sitecore. What is hyper-personalization? It is when customers get a unique experience tailored specifically to their behavior, needs, searches and digital footprints/or journey.

For example, if a customer wants to buy a bag from American Tourister, they will search for it and then their digital experience will be catered specifically to trolley bags with a focus on the brand American Tourister. Their relevant searches will only show them what they are interested in.

This will vary from customer to customer. Each customer will get a different experience and different relevant searches.

Marketers need to provide customers with this kind of tailored experience to get their loyalty and also to retain data so that by studying their buying pattern, they can push the right kind of strategy.


Customers like interactive buying journeys that come with support. They do not like having any glitches or sour experiences. They prefer that support must always be available. Major brands have chat bots, customer support services and portals for helping out the queries of the customers.

Now, what else is there that Sitecore helps your business with to provide a better support experience to your customers? They enable technology that connects the human element to the customers on the other side of the screen.

Customers know how chat bots work but adding the human touch is important. Their difficult personal inquiries are something they want to be taken care of by individuals and not AI. They want to connect with humans to be able to better explain their issues.

Brand loyalty increases when you add the human element to your marketing. Blending digital and physical experiences are a must in a way to retain customers.


Customers want representation of their diversity in brands. They like seeing their reflections in the various advertisements and the marketing campaigns that are being run. A strong majority of customers want globalization to be there when it comes to various brands.

The marketing campaigns should thus identify the diverse groups of people and based on that the marketers can push content accordingly that will resonate with the customers the most. It is important for brands to show diversity and inclusivity to make them stay.

This is where also Sitecore CDP helps. Once you identify the different segments and their patterns, you understand what exactly needs to be sent. Marketers can take advantage of the customer data and send out relevant offers and campaigns to make them feel valued.


Today’s customers are smart, quick and very attentive. In order to please them so they don’t switch brands, it is important that brands provide them with unique experiences and show that they are valued.

This also means that marketers need to up their game by including hyper-personalization in their marketing campaigns. Long gone are the days of conventional marketing techniques and new unique customer experiences are the way to go.

Through the Sitecore CDP, the customers can get a unique experience each and feel valued by the brand. When they can relate with and feel valued by the brand, they are bound to stay and the customers who are gone are bound to come back.